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Factory direct walk in tubs is owned by Wild Horse Builders Inc, a family owned and operated general contractor based in Kansas City MO. Around 10 years ago a family friend purchased a walk in tub off of a TV ad, she got a cheap Chinese tub that was poorly made and installed by a renegade sub contractor who knew every shortcut. The job was a disaster, the company she bought it from wouldn’t do anything to make it right( they were paid) and the subcontractor was long gone busy ruining someone else’s life .

She called us to see if we could re do the job so she could at least use it. The door leaked, the hydro jets didn’t work, it took forever to fill etc etc. More problems than you could count. We knew zero about walk in tubs at the time but it was apparent there was no rescuing her job.

We found an quality American made tub and pulled her “TV” tub out and installed the new one correctly. Then her nieghbor lady wanted a walk in tub, and then her sister wanted one. And before you know it we were full time in the walk in tub business.

Wild Horse Builders Inc

Factory Direct Walk-in tubs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wild Horse Builders Inc. A member in good standing with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau.

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