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All walk in tubs are brand new in the crate with full factory warranty, made here in America.

Factory Direct Walk-in tubs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wild Horse Builders Inc. A member in good standing with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau.

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Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Walk in Tub

Walk-in Tub Options

We have a walk-in tub to fit you, your bathroom, and your budget.

Air Massage

We have discontinued walk-in tub models, canceled walk in bathtub orders, overstock walk in tubs available, all walk in tubs are brand new in the crate with full factory warranty.

Hydro Massage

6 to 10 chrome water jets provide a more vigorous, focused massage as water sprays out of the jets which are strategically placed throughout your tub to hit specific areas such as your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hips, legs and feet.


It is used to balance each person's physical, spiritual,mental and emotional energy. With our LED lighting designs you can create an ideal relaxed environment

Electronic console unit with touch keypad controls

• Hydro • Air massage • Ozone • Chromathrapy • FM Radio • LED screen shows water temperatures • Memory for presets

Pulsating Message

Let you feel an array of pulsation and vibration on your back with or without water.


Let you sit cozy


Used to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being of our central nervous system. Just a little drop combined with warm water will rejuvenate your body and mind.

Ozone Senitizer

Created from the oxygen we breathe, Ozone gas is a powerful sanitizer that is known to kill diseasecausing microorganisms. This Ozone gas then flows through the air system piping and out through the air jets disinfecting the system after you bath.


Designed for the pressure side of the bathtub pump and has a built in internal pressure switch to control heater operation. Important: bathtub heaters will only maintain the water temperature that is put into the tub. They will not increase the water temperature.

Micro Bubble

• Massage Bath • Uses negative ions to clean and oxygenate your skin

Blue Tooth Hand-Held Shower KIT

Lets you play your favorite song as you indulge in comfort


Helps to improve your personal hygiene

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