Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Walk in Tub

You have bought many things during the course of your life . Washing machines , lawn mowers , vacuum cleaners , cars etc etc . And you know what you want and don’t want with those products . You know what questions to ask and what to look for . But you probably haven’t bought a walk in tub . And walk in tub companies know that . It’s a one time purchase . And they prey on ” Consumer ignorance ” which is of course a lack of knowledge . If you don’t ask , they don’t tell . Hopefully the following will be helpful to you .
Just because a company boasts “Made in America” doesn’t mean it is. They can legally claim “Made in America” If they assemble here. So they buy Chinese components, put the tub together here and advertise “Made in America”
Should you get air jets ? No , a waste of money. About the only thing they do is cool the water off. Putting bubbles in water has no therapeutic benefit. However tub manufacturers love them. Why ? They are incredibly cheap to install and almost pure profit. Water jets ? That’s another matter.
Plastic frame tubs are notorious for leaking around the door seal. Because plastic has very little ” rigid” strength they ” spread ” over time and normal use. Getting in and out of them, filling and draining. The frame pulls away and they leak around the door seal. Most have a low weight limit hidden in the fine print. Our tubs are fiberglass with a stainless steel subframe. We do not have a weight limit. And our tubs don’t leak. Period.
All Chinese tubs, no matter where they are assembled, are junk. But they are cheap. All plastic tubs are Chinese. Beware the new buzz word is “Acrylic” which is only another name for plastic.
Fill time ? How long will it take to fill ? With a walk in tub you get in and turn on the water and wait for it to fill. How the tub is manufactured and plumbed and how it is installed can dramatically affect fill time. Do you really want to sit for 10 minutes or more waiting for the tub to fill ? Our tubs fill in approximately 3 minutes with normal water pressure.
Should you get water jets ? Maybe , it depends on you and any ailments you might have . If you suffer from any of the following water jets have a proven medical benefit . Diabetes , high blood pressure , arthritis , neuropathy , aching muscles , insomnia , edema . It you went to a physical therapy clinic or an athletic training room , they all have tubs with jets , and they are all water jets . They don’t have air jets .
Beware the ” Lo Ball Bid ” Does it include everything that needs to be done ? Things you haven’t even thought of ? Does the door to your bathroom need to be widened ? Is your hot water heater big enough ? Does plumbing need replaced ? Is the sub floor bad ? Who is going to clean up and haul off the job debris ? Does it include the wall surround ? The list is endless . Our quote will include everything that needs to be done in order for your tub project to be successful . It’s our job to know what needs to be done . We don’t ” Lo Ball” and wring more money out of you in the middle of the job because of ” pre existing conditions ” . There are no surprises with us . Our quote will include everything needed . We guarantee that in writing .
A warranty is only as good as the company who wrote it . Most lifetime warranties are worthless . ” The fine print takes away what the big print gives you ” . Our warranty is simple . You have a lifetime warranty . As long as you are alive and own the home the tub is warranted against manufacturing or installation defects . In the event you sell the home the warranty is transferable . However it is then limited to 10 years from date of installation . That’s our fine print. It covers everything , labor , parts , trip charges . And is non prorated .
Installation is very important . You can have the best tub in the world and if some renegade sub contractor installs it improperly you are not going to be happy . And you are going to have problems . Our tubs are installed by our men , and we don’t ask for one penny until we are completely done and you are 100% satisfied .
Is the tub the right size for you ? For your bathroom ? Does it have the options you need ? Does it have unneeded options ? We do stock some common models , but we build on order if needed . We have over 22 base models to choose from. And we can order with the options you need or don’t need and the proper size for you and your. Bathroom .
Sanitation . Is the tub easy to clean ? ( plastic tubs are almost impossible to keep clean after the initial finish has deteriorated) If you have water jets sanitation is crucial . Especially for those suffering from diabetes . Our tubs have a built in self purge mechanism , UV light to kill bacteria , and an ozone pump . Which eliminates the need for chemicals or chlorine .


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